Tuesday, August 19, 2008

freeing up memory

I've been running dangerously low in memory in my laptop lately and have had to delete some of the programs that I no longer use to free up some space. I spent some time researching add on memory, micro sd and so on, and have come to the conclusion that I actually need a new laptop. I've had this one for 3 years, which in the life of a laptop is quite a bit. The way I work and use the laptop has changed quite a bit too in the past few years and so I need to re-figure what all I use it for and buy one with the correct specifications. I do hope it's not going to mess up my settings for connections that I have here and when I travel, since that will be a major hassle.


AR said...

Hi. This is abhinav. I m a Software Engg by profession n i really admire ur blog. well i had a suggestion for u. rather than replacing ur laptop bec of low memory, there is a very good alternative of buying a new USB hard drive of 250GB or more which can be used very easily to have a life long back up of ur content. Laptops r capable of workin much more than u r expecting. Thanks. Bye n Take care. Ur free to contact me at abhinavrakheja@yahoo.com Comments are always invited :-)

Shalini said...

Hello abhinav...thanks for your comment!

I already have an external hard drive, but I find it too cumbersome. I've got some other issues with my laptop as well, so overall the best solution is to get a new one...this one is already 5+ years old....a lifetime in the laptop years.