Wednesday, April 23, 2008

packing and moving

Some time back a college friend relocated to NYC and had to move bag and baggage to her new apartment by herself. She almost didn't move due to the huge hassle of packing and shipping things via courier companies, but if only she had enlisted a mover NYC company, she could have just supervised and had everything organized and packed for her in a professional and neat manner. I have moved several times, to different cities, to different countries and to different continents, and there is no better way to move than to leave it all to a professional moving company. There are a million other things to worry about, and if you're going to focus your energy on packing and sorting, it's going to be a real messy move. I like to pack my personal things myself, but everything else I leave to the packers and movers. It's really the best and only way to do things.

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