Monday, August 05, 2013

printers to the rescue

I change the look of my house so often that I dont like to have things arranged or hung in a way that I find restrictive. I like to swap furniture with other rooms, so switch rooms, to ditch stuff that I dont care for any more and basically create a new look. Art work and fabrics are key to changing the look of a room without having to dish out on expensive furniture, so that's where I focus my energies on. I'm a big fan of large scale art, stuff that you can get printed from your regular print shop, just in engineer print size. ON regular paper, it works out cheaper than a nice burger! But seriously, printing stuff out is high up on my list, and having a good trade printer on hand to do my projects is even better. When it comes to fabrics, it's even simpler. Keeping different cushion covers, throws, tablecloths and rugs for different seasons is the simplest way to go. It's fun to mix it up a bit every few months. Invigorating really!

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