Monday, May 21, 2012

summer is here!

Weary, weary, weary! That's what I feel like these days. As it's getting hotter and more humid by the second, it feels like I'm melting, wilting, fading. So, I'm trying all the old tricks that make you handle the heat better, like eating thanda foods, drinking lassi and lemonade, cool showers after the evening walk and playground visit, simple food for dinners like salads and fish. What makes the immediate difference is having a cool bath after the mugginess of outside, but having something extra like sea salt that purifies as it cleanses and exfoliates, is an added bonus. And it does make you feel so fresh, that squeaky clean feeling, when you suddenly are invigorated and feel that you can conquer the world. Ok, maybe I went a little overboard with that last one, but you get the point, right.

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