Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm craving some cake!

I love to bake something before the weekend starts. Even though it can get really hectic at times, I like the idea of having something to have with our coffee and tea over the weekend. But lately, I've just been feeling so overwhelmed with it all, and having been messing up with my baking, so now I think it's time that I just give in once in a while, and order a cake from the professionals. I'm drooling over the chocolate hazelnut torte at Shari's Berries where you can have all kinds of cakes delivered to your doorstep. I do wonder if they will deliver to my neck of the woods though? The more I look at all the delicious cakes and cookies they have, the more I crave having something chocolatey right now. There are some real cute options, like the white chocolate covered strawberries with baseball markings on them. What an awesome idea!

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