Monday, February 15, 2010

never to young to.....

When is it time to start using beauty products that promise to turn back the clock? Is it in one's 40's when the lines really start showing up? Or is it in one's 30s when the lines first appear, but look more like signs of happiness than wrinkles, or is it in one's 20s when one should try to prevent them from even occurring? Well, if the manufacturers and marketers of many wrinkle crème brands are to be believed, it's the last scenario. Really, I'm not kidding, they actually think that the best time is to start using them when one is in one's mid-twenties, so that you can partly stall the damage and partly get used to the idea of applying 20,000 different things onto your face. I'm not impressed. It's all a marketing gambit obviously. Wrinkles are not "damages" as they put it, they're signs of a life well lived. Deal with it and be happy with it.

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