Thursday, July 02, 2009

rational Vs irrational fears

There are some things that one is afraid of that can be overcome with time and practice, but then there are others that are just irrational and refuse to be sorted out. I've always had a public speaking fear and although I always put it into the second category, I now realise that it is possible to overcome it bit by bit. My mind seems to just go blank when any such situation arises, but then I have noticed that at other times, when I don't perceive it as public speaking it doesn't bother me at all. So, then it actually is all just in my mind, right! Seems so simple to sort out, right!

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Sushi said...

I think public speaking isn't about learning anything -- it really is just a state of mind. It's about realising that the majority of the people listening are idiots.
Trust me, they are.

And if there is a unique case where a few people aren't idiots, then those people are actually "open" to your speech, rather than lost in their own thoughts as you are presenting. So they won't really be judging your presentation -- rather, just "listening".