Monday, June 22, 2009

More than just a pet

I've never really had a pet of my own, so sometimes struggle to understand how attached pet owners are to their pets. They actually become more than just a pet, but a family member, and often provide more support and show more love than family members themselves :-) This explains the rise of the pet accessories and the pet supplements industry, which have continued to rise even during this ongoing slowdown, since for most pet owners, their pets need just as much as their family, whether it is to do with food, supplements, medical treatment and toys. It's all about good marketing for sure.


Patricia Torres said...

I cant relate to people who are obsessed with their pets! I'm not really a pet person!! I've got a few friends.. who would do anything for their cats or dogs... and actually address them as kids.. ie make conversation as though they are the parent!!! And yes... the vet, the fancy homes & accessories are surely a good business!

Anonymous said...


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Shalini said...

Patricia, I hear you...I'm like that too. I just don't get it too, but I have seen just how happy it makes the pet owners ;-)

Abagale, thanks! That's so cool! I barely write about pets, but you're giving me some incentive to write now :-)