Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Zappos offers employees $1,500 to quit

Online footwear company Zappos is offering its new recruits $1,500 to quit along with payment for all the hours they have already worked. The company has instituted the new policy to ensure that it's employees are there for more than just the money. The retailer has been offering this new payment to resign system for the past three weeks so far and have found that only 2-3% of the people take the money and leave the company, which the company attributes to their strong screening process.
Zappos was one of the pioneers of free delivery and free returns, and the company motto is: ”We are a service company that happens to sell.” All new hires except those working in the Zappos warehouse complete the month-long customer loyalty training program. Brown says about two-thirds go on to work in call center roles.

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