Sunday, March 21, 2010

Small business phone systems

Ever since I started working from home, I've been using a VoIP phone system for all my work related calls, especially my international calls. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP as it is more commonly known as, is an especially great option for small to medium businesses as it saves on time and money. There are lots of small business phone system services available, of which Virtual Office has one of the most powerful hosted PBX systems. Perfect for both long distance and local calling, once you start using the Virtual Office, you'll wonder why you didn't switch earlier.

Residential plans start at just $24.99 a month, which gives unlimited local and long distance calling in the US and Canada and fax only plans at $9.99 a month. Maintenance with VoIP phones is non-existent to minimal, so it's perfect system to install and just forget about it. Business plans start at $14.99 a month for the Virtual Attendant plan; with a wide range of plans, it is easy to customize the kind of service you require.

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